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June 19th, 2016

08:22 pm - illegal unsell, illegal sacrfifice of cult member
MY name is ms oconnor (mandi). I have been in satans cult for 20 years. He refuses to cease reincarnation. he refuses to stop trying to unsell me with reincarnation. He will not stop lying and putting me as agnostic or atheist. He will not stop reincarnating me with a tingly reincarnation. He refuses to leave and has enforced the death penalty. He refuses to check my guardian overseer in the cult. I am suing him because he unsold me illegally to win a sacrifice of a cult member of 20 years.

He refuses to quit listing me as hells whores. he has brutally tortured and raped me for over 3 years and refuses to stop. he choked me when I was in college to where I couldn't breath and lied and said I did drugs as an excused to cover his ass. he ruined me in college. I was an A-B student in the college of engineering.

Something needs to be done about him and I am on the blacklist of people to unsell with reincarnation. I am writing a book on this and will be publishing it so he is turned in.

he refuse to undo the condemnation reborn then hell, and refuses to let me go to hell first and says its not Christian when it was first and in his cult as well. I have never been an agnostic or had any god in anything agnostic I proved I read the bible and went to church and he still doesn't listen. Not only was I still in his cult from the past (before aaron and andy) but I had proof of being both satanic and Christian and he denied all evidence.

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January 24th, 2016

01:56 am - Illegally Heaven.
Satan has been sued by me for the following reasons today: He wanted to put a cult member in heaven, and will not stop trying to reincarnate someone that was originally condemned to hell since the age 10. I sue him for trying to win heaven for me via a next life, when I have not chosen heaven and had originally chose hell. It was the case previously that it was hell in the case its not heaven, so it would not result in reincarnation. I sue him permanently, on behalf of Teo and for all eternity.

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December 12th, 2015

11:10 pm - Cult member fuckover
His fucking ass knows I've been in the cult for 20 years and refuses to checkout my guardian overseer mandi and is starting shit with me. He keeps lying about my cult name teo and is saying I'm someone else. He even lied about the name of my guardian. His fucking ass has been trying to illegally reincarnated. When I am on every single blacklist of reincarnation even the one that is blacklisted from the next life if it's sold. And it's not and it's actually on the blacklist of people to sell to the devil since I was ten years old. Oh not to mention the list of people to go to hell and still hell if it gets sold so he's lost his fucking excuse. So if you wanna meet satan let me know I'd be happy to pass his fucking ass to any one at this point.

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September 12th, 2013

10:18 pm - Hello World
It's been almost 9 years since I posted anything on this community.
I miss my fellow Traditional Satanists,and I do miss discussing about our Lord.
I was 17 when I first started this community, and when I became a Traditional Satanist.
I still am and probably will never change.

As a career woman, life has been busy.
My heart is always with The Lord, but my practice hasn't been too dedicated.
I want to reawaken myself to him again.
I want to feel what it felt like before, when I meditated and studied about the religion to become closer to Satan.
I have been working on a project dedicated to Traditional Satanism.

I'll let you guys know the progress as I go.
It's a project to tie the world together and to follow the truth.
I want to reveal the dark from the light, and the light from the dark.

Hail Satan. 
Current Mood: busybusy

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July 6th, 2008

12:27 pm - yo
im a spiritual satanist living in orlando Fl, is there others that are from aorund his area at all? if so then we must contact each other

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January 7th, 2008

01:11 am - The Lost Book Of Enki
Has anyone Read the Lost book of Enki?
I've read it maybe... 3 times but the more I read it, more information I recieve.
I've had 4 divine dreams so far.
One was before I knew anything about Enki, I only knew him as Satan
and after he told me he was my God, I've been having dreams about earth destructions, future, and the government.
Hail Enki =)
and I met my Gurdian spirit named Alasu ( might be Alalu )
He told me that at 2008, Nibiru ( their planet ) Will be near,
He said we won't be able to see it with the naked eye but that is when he will appear in my dream.
I might have had a dream about him but it wasn't a serious one.
It did kind of tie up with the other dreams, but it was more like an action movie instead of informative like the others.

2009 is when Nibiru will be seen.  It will be a red glow, like a red star.
I don't have any doubts now.  I know Enki is real and so is alasu, but I don't know if Alasu can be trusted becasue in thebeginning he didn't posses a good heart...  But I will trust in him because times changed and I'm sure he became wise and I love him

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September 13th, 2005

08:34 pm - anyone seen this?
pretty crazy I say


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12:39 am - Sumer
I don't get how the Gods/Demons relate to the sumerian Gods.
I mean, i know how they are but...
its doesn't really make sence.

The sumerian Gods were just everywhere. The wind, fire, rocks,
Its more like spirits of the elements.

and now you have here in the religion Spiritual Satanism
and our God is Enki and has blonde hair.
Enki is a Sumerian God?
He is not mentioned so much in the sumerian texts.

Just confused me while I was in my History class.
but whatever
Hail Enki =)

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September 11th, 2005

12:48 pm - Confused
All these people are saying Nibiru and the Gods are fake.
The High Priests of JOS ( Joy of satan ) are emitting that its all fake.
All made up. what do you think?

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August 29th, 2005

10:42 pm - Satanic after thoughts
When the numbers 666 were wrote down, it was in roman times, so it would be in roman numrals, so it would look like VIVIVI, they also didn't have the letter W, they used V for that sound, do any of you think whoever sawit was just trying to use the letter, W, and it really was WWW, like the internet.

Also the last thing Jesus says in the Bible is that he is the Morning Star, which is also the title of Lucifer, maybe both are the same guy, the bible is filed with lies and contradictions, both have hodes of followers, Jesus is the son of god and Satan was made by god. Any thoughts?

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